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Preston Burt

Freelance writer for Paste and RETRO Magazines. My work has also been featured on both Medium and the Screen Crush Network. A health communications specialist for the government by day, I have an unhealthy affinity for the 80's and eat far too much cereal. Ole Miss Rebel.



Health Impact Assessments

CDC's Tracking Network is an excellent data source for environmental hazards, exposures, and health conditions that can be a valuable asset to the health impact assessment process. CDC's Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (Tracking Network) connects people with vital public health information.
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Retrofit Comics: This Small Imprint Had a Big 2015

I was a big time comics fan when I was a kid. I followed a somewhat formulaic trajectory wherein I was exposed to the characters from comics before comic books themselves through things like Spiderman and his Amazing Friends and the classic Superman movies. With my interest piqued, I began flipping through the pages of the comic books at the drugstore and the supermarket.
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GeekDad Interviews Buzz Aldrin

Last week I had a rare opportunity to speak with world-famous astronaut, author, actor, and activist Buzz Aldrin about the recent excitement surrounding Mars, the future of space exploration, and the final days of his “Get Your Ass To Mars” t-shirt campaign. The cleverly titled apparel is a special edition to raise money for the ShareSpace Foundation to promote science literacy and ignite children’s passion for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).
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Silver Screen Fiend by Patton Oswalt Review

Patton Oswalt is an addict. He’s not the whisky-swilling, pill-swallowing, or coke-snorting type that would make for a great Lifetime movie. No, his vice can be found in a dark room filled with shady characters, hushed murmurs, sticky floors, and the smell of burned popcorn – the cinema. For most people, movies offer a chance to escape.
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‘Star Wars: Battle Pod’ Is a Jedi’s Dream

It’s been a little while since it was officially released, but with most local arcades having gone the way of the dodo I was thrilled to finally see the new Star Wars: Battle Pod on the floor of my local Dave & Busters. An arcade buff, I was giddy with excitement when the game, released by Bandai Namco, was announced several months ago.
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A VHS Journey to the 1985 Grammy Awards

While millions of people were tuned into the 2015 Grammy Awards Sunday evening, I too was sitting in an easy chair watching the annual music awards show. However, my viewing experience was rather unique. Two years ago I surreptitiously stumbled upon a VHS tape in a thrift store with hand-written text scrawled on the plastic dinosaur.
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Behind the Hair: 9 Things I Learned Hanging Out With Billy Mitchell, The King of Kong

“Half of us are completely dysfunctional, and the other half of us pretend like we’re not and you’re dumb enough to believe it.”. Billy Mitchell. As far as gaming legends go, Billy Mitchell is king. Love him or hate him, it’s impossible to denounce his accomplishments and his role in keeping videogames at the forefront of pop culture.
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Arcade Archaeology: Saving Gaming's Relics

I’m riding in the passenger seat of a Ford F-350 with the seat warmers on, protected from the rain and cold that continues to bear down on us. It’s December in Northeast Georgia, and we’re experiencing a somewhat unusual cold spell. Trees and farmland whip past us on either side as we speed along the patchy pavement.
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‘The Goldbergs’ “Barry Goldberg’s Day Off” Review

ABC’s television comedy The Goldbergs is my generation’s answer to The Wonder Years. Equal parts funny and sweet with just the right amount of ’80s pop culture references for a geek like me, this sophomore comedy has easily become my family’s favorite TV show. The February 25th episode “Barry Goldberg’s Day Off” wasn’t the typical installment for this series, but as far as ’80s-defining pop culture nostalgia goes, this could easily be its best!
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Pinball Expo: Still Flipping After 30 Years

For the past few years, pinball has been experiencing a resurgence. Though it is unlikely that the game with the silver ball will permeate the cultural zeitgeist the way it did for much of the 20th Century, the industry and hobby haven’t been this exciting in decades. For thousands of people in this country the game of pinball is still a relevant hobby.
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Environmental Information for Everyone

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The Crazy and Profitable Origin of Ms. Pac-Man

It has been stated that imitation in the sincerest form of flattery. In the early ’80s arcade market, imitation was a gold mine. According to a Time Magazine report from 1982, arcade games earned $2.8 billion in quarters in 1980, followed by $5 billion in 1981, which was almost twice the total of the entire U.S. movie industry for the same period.
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Preston Burt

A writer, podcaster, and graphic designer living just outside Atlanta, GA. My writing has been featured on the Screen Crush Network, RETRO Magazine, and PASTE Magazine. I host a podcast that was featured on A.V. and my retro arcade obsession has been featured in news articles, radio spots, and on the Discovery Channel television show Auction Kings. I'm a hard worker with great ideas and quick turnaround.